Student Form is a form used to record active student activities at the Faculty of Engineering such as:

  • Organizational experience. Student campus internal and external organizations
  • Awards and winners. Awards or achievements ranked 1, 2, 3 or finalists in academic and non-academic activities representing Faculties at the Local, National and International Levels.
  • Student Activities. Student participation in non-college student and academic activities (seminars, research, community service, journal writing, student exchange, soft skills, entrepreneurship, etc.).
  • Professional or Competency Certification
  • Apprenticeship. Internship activities with a minimum duration of 7 days with a minimum of 8 hours of work per day in agencies/institutions/agencies/corporations/similar
  • Scholarship. Scholarships obtained during education.

The data from this form will be used for the needs of making student SKPIs.

What is SKPI?

Diploma Supplementary Certificate (SKPI) or Diploma Supplement is an official statement issued by a university, containing information about the academic achievement or qualifications of a graduate with a higher education degree.

Where for graduates, the SKPI is an additional document that states the work ability, mastery of knowledge, and attitudes/morals of a graduate that is easier to understand by users at home and abroad compared to reading transcripts and is an objective explanation of the achievements and competencies of the holder and can improve employability regardless of the rigidity of the type and level of the study program.

Active students can record their student activities using the following form:  Prepare Supporting Evidence for each activity.

References for activity fields / examples of SKPI: