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Results of Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Satisfaction with Services at the Faculty of Engineering Unsrat January – July 2021

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Following are the results of the Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Satisfaction with Services at the Faculty of Engineering, Unsrat January – July 2021.


Monitoring and evaluation is an activity to monitor the course of an activity and provide an assessment of whether the activity is running in accordance with applicable procedures, for further follow-up. Monitoring and evaluation are useful so that the activities carried out can provide satisfactory results. Excellent service from educational staff is one of the key factors for a good educational process in higher education institutions. This is determined by the sense of responsibility and competence of the existing education staff, so that the services provided can provide satisfactory results for the community, both on and off campus.


This report aims to determine the level of community satisfaction with services at the Faculty of Engineering.

Place : Faculty of Engineering, Sam Ratulangi University (Unsrat) Manado
Time : January – June 2021.
  • Permenpan RB no. 16 of 2014 concerning Guidelines for Community Satisfaction Survey
  • Permenpan RB no. 14 of 2017 concerning Guidelines for Compiling a Community Satisfaction Survey for Public Service Providers

This report was prepared by the Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) based on the results of the questionnaire data processing conducted by the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Cooperation and Survey (UKMS).
The performance of education personnel is measured using two questionnaires (attached), and distributed through social media (WhatsApp). The two questionnaires are questionnaires given to lecturers and to students.
The assessment of the statements in the questionnaire consists of the following options.

  • Unsatisfactory (score 1)
  • Unsatisfactory (score 2)
  • Satisfactory (worth 3)
  • Very satisfying (rated 4)

General assessment of the performance of education personnel is generally obtained from the average value of all questions with the following criteria.

  • Unsatisfactory (score 1 – <2)
  • Unsatisfactory (score 2 – <3)
  • Satisfactory (score 3 – <4)
  • Very satisfying (score 4)
Respondent Demographics

There are 2021 respondents to this survey for the period January to June 23, of which 20 are students and 3 are lecturers.

Complete results can be seen in the following attachment..


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