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Transition for 2 Years FATEK UNSRAT Holds POST FATEK Again

The FT-UNSRAT Technical Arts Sports Week (POST) activities were held on March 27 – April 1 2023 which lasted for 6 days with the SKS Theme (solidarity, creativity and sportsmanship) which served as a new beginning for the FT-UNSRAT KBM where they aimed to strengthen the relationship of all FT-UNSRAT students, the meaning of solidarity is to be more solid and uphold creativity because the last Engineering Arts Sports Week was held in 2019. With a difference of 2 years, KBM FT-UNSRAT wants to find new seeds in terms of creativity, especially in the field of sports and art. Not only solidarity and creativity, in every sport, sportsmanship is also highly valued in competing.

There are several types of competitions held, namely:
1. Men's Futsal Competition
2. Men's and Women's Basketball Competition
3. Men's and Women's Volleyball Competition
4. E-Sport Competitions such as Mobile Legend, PES, and Chess.









The purpose of holding the POST FT is one of the work programs of BEM-FT UNSRAT and to attract the euphoria of engineering students so they don't only go to college but can channel their hobbies and also be a place to be able to join UKM in sports and arts with the aim of developing UKM which have been inactive for a long time or vacuum.
The target of this POST activity is all active engineering students starting from representatives of each association and outside the association.

The overall winner of the POST-FT activity this time was won by the Electrical Engineering Student Association.

Impressions and Messages from the Chairman of the Committee.
"The POST FT UNSRAT activity in 2023 is quite interesting because it was held again after the transition to Covid 19, the committee members who are members are also young generations so it seems challenging, a lot of new experience is gained, especially in terms of managing large-scale activities. The message for the future is that I hope that the POST FT UNSRAT 2024 will be better than the POST FT UNSRAT 2023. Hopefully it can also uphold solidarity, creativity and sportsmanship in competing and for all students of the engineering faculty to remain enthusiastic in terms of developing their respective skills."

Resource person: Dede Rafael Rantaola – Head of the FT UNSRAT POST Committee
Contact person: Andini

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