1. Mechanical Engineering S1 Study Program



To become a center for education, research, and community service, capable of producing graduates who excel in mastering science and technology in the field of mechanical engineering.


Carrying out a superior academic education process at the undergraduate level in Mechanical Engineering by always following the development of science and technology, in order to realize qualified graduates, in accordance with the needs of the mechanical engineering graduate job market at regional, national and international levels, and able to participate in the development of science, especially in the field of mechanical engineering.


  1. Able to design machines according to their function
  2. Able to make products with appropriate production process flow
  3. Able to analyze the type of energy source and determine the amount and how to convert it from a machine
  4. Able to determine the type of material in accordance with the required characterization and change its mechanical properties.
  5. Able to identify, formulate, and solve system design and improvement problems consisting of people, materials, information, equipment and energy.