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Faculty of Engineering uses Integrated Information System Sam Ratulangi University to support current teaching and learning activities. SIT Sam Ratulangi University has a number of modules that support the learning process. These modules are integrated by a system called INSPIRE UNSRAT Portal (https://inspire.unsrat.ac.id/login).

Menu Information Display on the Home Page of the INSPIRE Portal provides easier access to users regarding the modules used for the teaching and learning process than accessing these modules in separate locations with different web addresses.

Managerial INSPIRE View

Managerial INSPIRE display on the side of the Study Program for monitoring and management. Some of the modules currently in use have access to INSPIRE Portal Unsrat. The systems or modules used to support the teaching and learning process at the Faculty of Engineering include:

Academic Portal. link: https://portal.unsrat.ac.id

UNSRAT@Learn. link: https://elearning.unsrat.ac.id/

Integrated Work Lecture (KKT). link: http://ekkt.unsrat.ac.id/

UNSRAT Research and Service Online Service.
link: https://research.unsrat.ac.id/

Electronic Academic Journal. link: https://ejournal.unsrat.ac.id/

Personnel Information System Link: https://sdm.unsrat.ac.id/

Unsrat Helpdesk.
link: https://helpdesk.unsrat.ac.id/

UNSRAT Repository. link: https://repo.unsrat.ac.id/

Information at the Faculty level can be accessed on the Faculty of Engineering Website (https://fatek.unsrat.ac.id/) and information at the University level can be accessed on the University Website (https://unsrat.ac.id/).