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Bali Seafood Traceability Hackathon 2019

Bali Seafood Trackathon 2019 is the 2nd seafood traceability hackathon event organized by the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) in collaboration with USAID Oceans and Second Muse which was held in Bali on 26-27 October 2019

This event is a hackathon event that gathers application developers and seafood experts from various parts of the world to solve the challenges of problems in the fishing industry. This event was attended by more than 25 participants from various countries in the world including Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India and others.

Nabila Kiswanto 16021106054 & Faith Posumah 16021106083 were representatives of the UNSRAT Informatics Engineering Study Program as well as representatives of USAID Oceans who participated in this event. These two students merged and collaborated with their respective teams, Nabila was part of the Fishtrace team, making a prototype of a data collection application throughout the web-based fishery supply chain, and Faith was part of the team, making an application prototype for integrated AI tools to track cycle usage. converting the mangroves into a shrimp pond. In this event Faith and her team won 3rd place and Nabila and her team won 4th place.

The discussion process with the challenger

Application Demo Presentation

3rd Place Prize Presentation

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