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Academic Regulations of the Faculty of Engineering Unsrat 2019 – 2022

The Academic Regulations of the Faculty of Engineering Unsrat for 2019 – 2022 contain an explanation of the following points:

1. Transfer Student

1.1. Transfer from Another College
1.2. Transfer within the University of Sam Ratulangi
1.3. Transfer within the Faculty of Engineering, Unsrat

2. Cross Path Program

3. Semester Academic Administration
3.1. Completing Study Plan Card (KRS)
3.2. Processing of Study Results Cards (KHS) and Report Cards

4. Semester of Grade Improvement
5. Special Exam

5.1. Requirements for students taking special exams
5.2. Procedure for conducting special exams

6. Academic Leave
7. Evaluation of Continuation and Dropout of Study
8. Preparation of Undergraduate Scientific Papers (KTIS)
9. KTIS Concept Guidance and Seminar

9.1. KTIS Concept Guidance
9.2. KTIS Concept Seminar
9.3 Guidance and Final Project Seminar in the Department of Architecture

10. KTIS Exam and Study Success Evaluation

The full contents of the document can be seen in the following attachment.


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