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Academic Quality Standards, Faculty of Engineering Unsrat 2019 – 2022

The point
  • The Academic Quality Standard of the Faculty of Engineering is a statement to direct the planning, implementation, and evaluation of academic activities of the institution and the academic community of the Faculty of Engineering with an orientation towards continuous academic quality improvement.
  • Academic Quality Standards of the Faculty of Engineering are one of the foundations for the preparation of Vision, Mission, Objectives and Targets of majors and study programs as well as achievement strategies, governance, leadership, management and quality assurance systems, students and graduates, human resources, curriculum, learning, and academic atmosphere, financing, facilities and infrastructure, as well as information systems, research, community service and cooperation.
  • Academic Quality Standards contain the principles of organizing academic activities within the Faculty of Engineering which are the basis for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating academic activities
  • Academic Quality Standards are the basis for implementing the academic activities of the Faculty of Engineering which are oriented towards global development with an approach that does not leave the richness of local culture and the Indonesian nation in general.

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