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National Webinar for Education Laboratory Institutions 2021 by BMC

The following is a letter received by the Faculty of Engineering Unsrat with Number: 01.722/Pranata/BMC/I/2021 from the Bina Management Center (BMC) on February 03, 2021

Regarding : National Webinar for Education Laboratory Institutions

Up. Laboratory Assistant/ Analyst/ Technician/ Educational Laboratory Institution (PLP)

The contents of the letter are as follows:

The Directorate of Career and Human Resources Competence, Directorate General of Science and Technology Resources and Higher Education continue to improve laboratory competence through the development of infrastructure and human resources that manage laboratories. Infrastructure development such as laboratory buildings, procurement of equipment and material facilities, and other physical facilities is carried out in a programmed and sustainable manner, meanwhile for human resource development, it is carried out by developing a career system through the functional position of Education Laboratory Institutions (PLP). In line with the development of PLP, the Directorate of Educators and Education Personnel of the Director General of SDID has also set the nomenclature of the laboratory level into type 1 and 2 laboratories which are focused on facilitating educational activities, type 3 laboratories to facilitate education and research activities, and type 4 laboratories to facilitate educational activities. research and community service (Permenpan and Bureaucratic Reform No.3/2010). In addition to fulfilling infrastructure, laboratories must also have and apply management quality system standards so that all existing resources are managed professionally, oriented to competent laboratories that are able to produce valid data or quality product prototypes by taking into account aspects of safety, health, security, and safety requirements. and the environment in a sustainable manner. Occupational Health and Safety management systems, BIOSAFETY, Good Laboratory Practices, ISO-9001, ISO-14000, ISO-15189, or ISO/IEC 17025 are standards that need to be considered for implementation in laboratories. In this regard, the Bina Management Center facilitates laboratory personnel (Laborists, Analysts, Technicians, and PLP) to understand and implement laboratory management based on the latest management standards through the LABORATORY MANAGEMENT WEBINAR FOR EDUCATION LABORATORY INSTITUTIONS, so we
invite Mr / Ms / Brother (i), to participate in the Webinar which will be held on:

For information and registration, please contact:
Br : Arfandi, M : Call/WA : 0812 – 8933 – 2932 | e-Mail :

More information about the schedule and discussion materials can be downloaded from the following attachments:

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BMC website: Legality – Bina Management Center (

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